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What We Offer Through Microsoft Excel:

Our company offers Excel related services, whether it is bridging the gap between different data sources to filter through merged data helping to solve business problems or designing MACROS using its native language (VBA).

  • Determining, Analyzing and improving your company’s strategic goals.
  • Calculating your company or department’s profit and loss reports.
  • Recording data and data entry inputs.
  • Scheduling templates built for tracking purposes, project timetables or progress.
  • Data capture from many different sources and inputting it into Excel.
  • Cell manipulation up to and including VBA programming.
  • Designing MACROS to automate your Excel tasks.
  • Leveraging Pivot tables where applicable for more detailed assessments.

And many more.

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Software automation can be complex and even intimidating to some. Here at AUTMTN we're well equipped to answer your questions relating to how we can design, develop, test and implement solutions for your business so they can run unattended or attended, depending on your needs.

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