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Why We are Different

Our unpaired customer focus and determination to provide the highest level of business intelligence services.

Automation, database administration, management.

Why Choose Us

Taking pride in the solutions we deliver, for us it's not just work, it's a passion. Striving for excellence and not settling unless our product and service meet our own high standards. We're down to earth individuals looking to educate and share our knowledge with our clients for them to have a truly honest understanding of the task at hand.

What You Get

We develop quality solutions and sell these to our customers while nurturing existing relationships and building new ones. We take assessing the quality of our work to heart and will deliver projects that satisfies our clients needs. We strive to push our own understanding of the technology at hand everyday so as to better serve you.

See The Value

Offering solutions regardless of your inductry sector. AUTMTN Business intelligence solutions provides businesses with the expert insight and services they deserve. Are you looking for business intelligence services but don't have the capability to hire an in-house team? We offer an equivalent expertise to those enjoyed by large companies.


Software automation can be complex and even intimidating to some. Here at AUTMTN we're well equipped to answer your questions relating to how we can design, develop, test and implement solutions for your business so they can run unattended or attended, depending on your needs.

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